Circles provides business solutions that solve for a variety of human resource, facilities management and brand challenges. Our customized support services arm your business with a unique, powerful set of tools to better service your employees, your customers and your prospects.


What does it mean? Why is it important? How is Circles different?

Concierge is a term used to describe a person or service that assists in personal tasks.

In the working world, this personal assistance service is gaining popularity as work/life lines are further blurred. Employees are looking for enhanced benefits that allow them to better manage responsibilities outside of work and employers are looking for solutions to recover lost productivity hours while also increasing engagement and overall satisfaction. Job seekers are looking for a diversified benefits offering and HR needs a differentiated offer during recruitment that also aides in retention.

In a hospital setting, the patient experience is a top priority for a hospital system. This experience is impacted not only by how hospital staff reacts to patients’ clinical needs, but also by how the hospital can assist in non clinical needs of the patient and visitors, the efficiency of how the facility is managed and touch points from the hospital to the patient before and after their stay.

In the realm of customer loyalty, market saturation has forced constant competition among companies to not only have the most attractive offer but to maintain relevance and remain top of mind. Consumers are seeking a trusted brand and resource to cater to their growing demands while sorting through a constant flood of promotions from countless vendors.

Circles business solutions cater to the needs of all. Our customized solutions are built as an extension of your brand. Our support staff is dedicated to understanding your specific business needs and building a program that not only solves for the immediate challenges, but also offers flexibility for future growth and development as the needs and demands of your organization change.

Watch this video for a taste of how Concierge can impact the Quality of Life for your employees or customers.

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