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Consulting Case Study | Circles Business & Concierge Services

CONSULTING FIRM – Supporting Business Growth and Work Life Blend


In 2016 one of the world’s largest professional services and consulting firms was looking for a unique way to achieve their growth projections and improve their overall workplace experience. They were seeking a solution that could help strengthen their core administrative staff by alleviating specific tasks so that they could take on more business volume without the traditional labor increases. Additionally, there was a firm-wide need to better support work life balance since a majority of their workforce spent 4 to 5 days a week on the road and at client sites.

After a thorough review and ROI analysis, they determined that implementing a Circles Concierge program could help them meet the firm’s short and long-term goals. In close collaboration with a project team from Circles, a plan was designed and customized to provide key administrative staff 24/7 access to a variety of business and personal support services – event planning, research support, logistics coordination, catering orders, private dining, corporate gift purchases, errand running, etc.

Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 86+
50,000+ hours of time saved
Usage from 55 offices in 32 states

Circles then deployed a general services program for the entire workforce of 40,000+ employees and promoted it as a tool to help better manage work and life responsibilities and overall mental wellness. Services offered through this platform included – travel planning, errand running, product and services research, household services, health and wellness support, etc. Due to the dispersed geography of the firm’s workforce, a detailed communication and engagement plan was put in place to ensure the value and benefit of the Circles program was effectively disseminated regardless of location or role.

After an initial pilot period of 4 months, the program slowly grew from just over 2,000 participants to over 15,000. Now the program serves the firm’s employees across all 50 U.S. states. 96% of the core administrative staff that the program was designed for is leveraging the service on an average of 6 times annually. Since the program inception, Circles has completed nearly 20,000 employee requests, and the program has a Net Promoter Score of 86+.

Usage of the program has come from over 55 different offices and continues to grow in popularity. The program has also helped meet the firm’s business goals – contributing to them exceeding their target growth rates in the past two fiscal years. One of the most compelling ROI figures is that Circles services has helped save employees a total of 50,000 hours of productive time.