There is a misconception that home working is easy. It really isn’t and every business and organisation in the UK & Ireland are coming to terms with how hard it is to setup and work from home. Having to be more disciplined, self-motivated and juggle all the distractions that the home throws at you. Plus, now having to work on your own or with children, flatmates, parents, partners etcetera, etcetera. There are more distractions that ever before.

With homeworkers tending to have very strict routines that they adhere to, any distraction or unforeseen issue that upsets the balance doesn’t mean that they can stop work to tackle, it generates the same level of anxiety and stress as someone in the office, probably more so, as there is self-induced guilt attached to sorting out personal problems when working from home.

Concierge is uniquely positioned to tackle life admin and these home distractions that allows the employee focus, offers them support in their home and in turn increases productivity. With our digital solution we can also tackle the feeling of isolation by offering virtual events programmes that allows the home worker to attend with others in their network or colleagues in the office.

More than 75% of employees admit their productivity has plummeted due to distractions related to working from home

– Forbes