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Circles Solutions

Circles has more than 20 years of experience in providing concierge and personal assistant solutions to clients globally driven by our people, our clients and our partners.

The Circles Advantage

When included in your employee benefits package, our offerings catch the eye of your ideal employee by providing work/life management tools customized to your business. Employees who work for organizations offering flexibility and work/life policies tend to report:
  • Higher job satisfaction increases to 83%
  • Increased engagement in work activities increase to 79%
  • Higher organizational efficiencies.


Anchored by our web and mobile platforms and a world-class team of concierge experts, Circles digital concierge service helps your employees reduce stress, balance work, and life, and build stronger, more meaningful connections. We deliver more engaged, connected, and higher-performing teams through customized services, events, information, and digital experiences. Circles Concierge is bringing the best to your people and organization regardless of where they are.

Example digital concierge services:

  • Travel suggestions and bookings
  • Home contractors and landscapers
  • Securing sporting, concert, and theatre tickets
  • Dining recommendations and reservations
  • Arranging pet services
  • Flower & gift suggestions for any occasion
  • Moving and storage recommendations
  • Planning special events
  • Product research
  • And much more!

How it works:

  • Accessible via phone, email, web, or mobile app
  • Available 24/7/365, unlimited usage
  • Access whenever, wherever – home or work
  • Inclusive benefit offered to all employees, regardless of location or role – No cost to the employee
  • Free Plus One supports employee’s family/spouse/significant other


The onsite program places a Circles hired, trained, and managed concierge in a visible physical space at your site. We provide a noticeable ambassador for your property that can act as a central resource for your organization, ensuring all employees and visitors know all the available services and benefits.

With the onsite program, your employees have access to a team of Circles employees who can assist with the virtual services listed above and help deliver on additional convenience services that the virtual program can’t. We utilize local partners to bring a wide assortment of other convenience services to the program, giving associates time back on their off days.

Example onsite concierge services:

  • Errand running
  • Dry cleaning
  • Car services (maintenance, oil changes, detailing)
  • Mobile phone/device repair
  • Barber/nail services
  • Onsite massages
  • Cobbler and tailoring services
  • Bicycle repair/services
  • Food/catering pick-up
  • Hosting seasonal events (Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Earth Day, Gift Wrapping, etc.)

How it works:

  • Circles hired, trained, and managed personnel at your location
  • Works best for sites with more than 500 employees
  • Ability to provide more personalized, face to face service convenience services
  • Highly desired in professional services, biotech, healthcare, or manufacturing industries with little to no ‘down time’ during the day
  • Located in central, high-traffic office area – highly visible benefit


Designed to deliver service within your workplace flawlessly, the Circles Hospitality Management program is customized to meet your distinctive business needs. We provide a visible ambassador to your brand and take care of employee, client, and visitor requests, catering to the demands of the business and the necessities of the individual.

Example hospitality management services:

  • Greeting/wayfinding
  • Badge access support & management
  • Visitor/guest escorting
  • Switchboard & phone answering
  • Safety introductions & PPE compliance
  • Luggage handling & support
  • Provide coffee, refreshments or handle other needs
  • Reception and common area oversight
  • Third-party vendor oversight & management
  • Data entry & general admin assistance
  • Facilities & maintenance request handling
  • General safety awareness and support for the main entrance

How it works:

  • Circles hired, trained, and managed personnel
  • Generally, in a high-traffic main visitor/guest entrance area
  • Designed for scalability based on client needs
  • Trained using Circles Academy standards
  • Great for guest/visitor centers, conference centers, or executive floors


Circles improves employee engagement and helps foster social, community, and people-centric connections through onsite and virtual events, amenities, convenience services, and on-demand errands to promote employee health, well-being, and their link to their workplace communities. We are keeping employees connected, healthy, and engaged. We help excite the workplace by bringing people together, using technology, events, and services to build connections and memorable experiences for your organization.

Example community manager services:

  • Plan, design, and execute workplace employee engagement events (virtual or onsite) and activities for employees (farmers market, team building, social hour)
  • Support any workplace changes or significant updates to any common area spaces
  • Helps provide adherence to employee safety and hygiene policies
  • Work closely with HR, Facilities, Real Estate, and Workplace Experience teams to support their mission and vision
  • The central contact point for space amenities and convenience services – working with internal and external stakeholders
  • Handles any resolutions or issues that arise from amenities services
  • Support, manage and promote the digital technology that provides information, services, and connectivity to the workplace

How it works:

  • A Circles hired, trained, and managed ambassador for your workplace
  • Works best for locations with more than 500 employees
  • Orchestrates many functions – workplace or virtual events, amenities, account innovation, marketing and promotion, and digital content updates
  • Partners with external vendors to improve amenities and events programming
  • Works with multiple stakeholders across various departments and ensures that the spaces are well utilized, creates connections and community within your organization


Circles patient and guest concierge service provides non-clinical support to incoming guests and family members within a healthcare setting by delivering hotel-level services throughout the entire patient journey. By taking care of patient and family needs, we help free up staff to focus on patient care, help improve quality scores, reduce unnecessary readmissions, and improve patient loyalty and referrals.

Example patient and guest services:

  • Pre-admission outreach, reminders, and arrival overview
  • Transportation and family accommodation arrangements
  • Daily rounding services for targeted patients or units
  • Support celebrations, milestones, and special occasions
  • Help run errands for patient or family (forgotten items, gifts, clothing)
  • Service recovery and patient resolution support
  • Help expedite the discharge process
  • Schedule follow-up medical and in-home appointments

How it works:

  • Circles hired, trained, and managed personnel at your hospital
  • Works best for larger acute care facilities
  • Located in a high-traffic area, visible to incoming patients and families
  • Scope of services can be tailored based on patient population or preferences
  • Cost of program subsidized by the hospital
  • Patient or family member responsible for any goods or services procured