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HOSPITALITY MANAGER Your Hospitality Manager grants a unique experience to your employees as well as the visitors!

A Hospitality manager’s first task is to welcome guests and offer them some coffee or a newspaper. They also guide them through the building and help them to contact their host. Hospitality managers are the Services & Events managers of your workplace. They improve the experience of the occupants and bring your company to life. Hospitality managers are your building’s services manager. This is why they can be in charge of mail or booking meeting rooms. They offer support for the Office Manager and welcome newcomers by showing them around and telling them about the onsite services. They are a great support for an Office Manager and welcome newcomers by touring them around and telling them about the onsite services.
They can deal with specific requests and use a local partner’s network to provide complementary services according to the occupants’ needs. They can also suggest federating events in the living spaces such as the restaurant, cafeteria or relaxing spaces. They bring life to your site and thus, improve the Quality of Life. Hospitality listen to guests needs and are dynamic and flexible with the ability to multitask. They are experts in client relations!

Cas client site l’Illustration

For the Illustration building, owned by BNP Paribas Real Estate, Circles focuses on the visitor and employee experience. There are two Hospitality Managers that welcome visitors, help tenants with their work environment and provide services and events to develop social interaction amongst the tenants. Occupants can use their services from 7h30am until 7h30pm. Here are the onsite services offered: Standard conciergerie services: Daily life, leisure, family, administrative, transportation and a digital mini store. The cafeteria offers a varied, healthy offering and is also connected! Tableware just like at home, Illustration marked mugs to protect the environment, a KAWA ground coffee offer, a Food chéri offer (exclusive partnership with Circles, this company develops local agriculture). Finally, Captain Marcel, another exclusive partner, offers connected fridges so you can eat healthy and tasty all day long with fresh seasonal products from French producers. A fun room is located by the cafeteria and it includes a fussball table, video games and a relaxing space where events and collaborative games are organized by the Circles team. Our Hospitality Managers have designed an integration program for new employees and manage the meeting room reservations thanks to a digital tool. This is a great example of how we can create a unique and distinct offer in this workplace.