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Parenting During COVID

Being a parent is hard, and our team knows that. That’s why we’re here to provide meaningful support to working parents while showing the empathy that is needed during this challenging situation, allowing you to spend more time with the ones you love most. Here are just some of the many ways Circles can help you and your family.

Locating Nearby Childcare/ Tutoring Options

Are you struggling to find the right daycare with open availability or a reliable nanny? Let us take some of that stress away. We can free up hours of your valuable time by locating some of the best available childcare options around your area. Additionally, finding the right tutor for your child can be both a hassle and time-consuming. We can locate reputable tutors who can educate your child on various subjects, all while taking your budget and schedule into consideration.

Find Home Organizers Near You

Between working and caring for your family, there is little time in-between to ensure that your home space is in tip-top shape and pristine. We can suggest local home organizers, even virtual organizers, and cleaning services that can make your home functional, fluid, and mess-free. Contact your concierge to see some of the discounts for cleaning and organizing services that are available to you.

Fun Family Activity Ideas

Are you looking to take your family on an exciting vacation, relaxing weekend getaway, or even just a day trip? Look no further! We’ll take the time to listen to the kind of experience you and your family are looking for and suggest the best available options. From trips to Disney World to local festivals and events, we’ll ensure that your journey is everything you want and more.

Provide Grocery and Meal Delivery Services

Save time and money with the advantages of online grocery shopping! No longer will you leave the store parking lot only to realize you forgot to pick up laundry detergent or spend hours wandering throughout isles trying to find the right product. A weekly grocery store visit takes time away from doing the things you love. Let us find the perfect meal or grocery delivery service for all of your family’s needs, conveniently delivered right to your front door.

Suggestions on Home Repair Contractors

Do you have a home project on the back burner? Locating a reliable contractor out of the hundreds of options available can be overwhelming, and obtaining a quote for their services can sometimes take hours to do. We can work with you to suggest the best service providers based on your desired criteria. From the kitchen, bathroom, chimney, and concrete repairs to electricians, plumbers, and tile masons, we can help identify a variety of home repair contractors.