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Circles programs are comprised of world-class concierge teams, a digital platform, and a vast partner network to provide unique and memorable experiences for law firms, biopharmaceutical companies, financial services organizations, and other corporate consumers.

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Circles is committed to helping medical professionals, physicians, patients, and their families manage today’s healthcare challenges. Our patient‐centered philosophy is designed to impact business outcomes, and improve the quality of care by taking care of patients & their families non‐clinical needs, freeing up your staff to focus on what is essential. Our physician concierge programs aim to improve the quality of life and decrease burnout in physicians. Our International Patient Concierge Services (IPCS) supports destination & prestige hospitals with the ever‐evolving & complex non‐clinical needs of international patients & visitors.

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Moving into a senior community doesn’t mean life slows down. Circles can help residents keep their busy lifestyles on track.

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The college experience should be a time of learning, discovering and new beginnings, not pressure and uncertainty. Circles can help relieve some of the stress to both student and parent, ensuring a great college experience for all.

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Improve the workplace experience through our industry-leading hospitality program. Circles can deliver a workplace amenity service that becomes the focal point of your organizational culture. Customized to meet your unique business and organizational needs, our programs transform the workplace into a community.

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