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Easy Craft Ideas Around the House

As a hobby, crafting is a wonderful way to spend time with your family or take a moment for yourself. Crafting has been shown to reduce stress, improve your mood, engage your mind, and help people cope with physical and psychological challenges. Bring some joy to your day with the below projects and get crafting! Recycled Plastic Bottle Planters Turn a plastic bottle into a cheerful little planter pal! Embellish your planter with household items like buttons, nail polish, or ribbon. While these instructions are for a cute cat or a dinosaur – the sky is the limit so get creative. DIY Duct Tape Lamp Shade Give new life to your plain lampshade and bring some additional color and pattern to your space. Utilizing various colors of duct tape, you can create a mosaic-like collage that will rival some of the most expensive designer versions. Monster Patches We all have that pair of jeans hiding in the back of our closet that we can’t part with even though there are a few holes in them. Why not patch them up in a way that will make you smile when you see them? Medicine Cabinet Makeover Peel and stick wallpaper or contact paper can brighten up the inside of your medicine cabinet – or any cabinet. Pick a pattern that will be a cheerful surprise for you each day. Dancing Family Cut-Out Dolls Turn your family into vintage jointed pull-toys for a fun way to capture your loved ones in the moment. This will not only make a fun afternoon project but bring joy for years to come. DIY Gemstone Bobby Pins If you dig in the dreaded junk drawer, you may find a piece or two of fashion jewelry you haven’t been able to toss. Salvage those gems and create a new accessory that will add some sparkle to your day. Water Gun Painting Get the entire family involved in creating a work of art and an afternoon of fun. Start with an abstract splatter piece, then tape off letters or shapes to create custom designs. Felt Foodie Pins Jazz up your jean jacket, backpack, or scarf with a felt version of your favorite snack. This tutorial guides you on creating a felt taco pin, but the options are endless – try a felt avocado or ice cream cone next. DIY Memory Jar Take a moment each day to write down something you would like to remember, a funny experience, or something you are grateful for. At the end of they year to read through them and remember all of the good that came from your year. Birdseed Ornament Create a treat for backyard birds using simple household supplies. This will also be a treat for your eyes, as you can become a window-side birdwatcher. Button Art Tree After you master this project, tackle other shapes like bright and cheerful hot air balloon, or use buttons to fill in shapes like hearts, letters, or animals to create art for your home. Kindness Rocks There is never a bad time to spread joy to others. When someone finds or receives a Kindness Rock, you will no doubt bring a smile to their face and inspire them to spread kindness to others. Contact us today for more creative ways to brighten the days of you and your loved ones!