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Our digital concierge: A range of online concierge services.

Our remote concierge solutions can be chosen alone or in addition to concierges, community or hospitality managers. They allow access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

These solutions comprise a personal assistant offer and digital solutions such as a Cleo connected locker, a web portal and a mobile application. They all aim to improve the client experience by providing multiple ways to access all our services.

CLEO by Circles – A 100% digital solution to make your life easier!

CLEO by Circles, the connected locker.
The user journey is simple and 100% digital. Everything is done on the CLEO screen. The user signs up on the screen, chooses the service he or she wants (dry cleaning, shoe repair, tailoring), drops his articles in a box and finishes with a secured payment. A few days later, he then receives an email and an access code to retrieve his article back in the CLEO locker. This solution can be used alone or in addition to the on-site concierge, community or hospitality manager solutions.

Digital Concierge
A web portal at your service, 24/7!


When you register to our corporate concierge, you have an exclusive access to our online portal or digital conciergerie. This responsive portal, available for tablets and mobile phones, allows you to order and pay online for products or services such as trips organization, flower delivery, visa delivery. These requests are transmitted to our Circles personal assistants team in Boulogne.

Mobile Application– An essential access for all your requests!

Enjoy Circles’ mobile application for all your services. Your concierge is only one click away!