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Client Impact

Circles can positively affect your team in so many ways, from morale to efficiency and more.

A Large Employer

A client added Circles Concierge to their benefits package to compete with a large area employer.

A BioTech Company

After partnering with Circles, a large biotechnology organization reduced attrition from 14% to 5% in one year.

A Health Care Provider

One hospital system saw an increase of 5% in HCAHPS scores after implementing Circles Concierge to assist patients and visitors.

A Telecommunications Firm

A large telecommunications organization saw a 29% engagement rate in the first year after partnering with Circles.


Consulting Firm

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Health Care

Healthcare Case Study | Circles Business & Concierge Services THE CHALLENGE The largest provider of maternity care in the region, with over 7,000 births per year sought to improve their patient experience scores and make their facility more hospitable, an aspect of care that is critical to patient engagement, patient confidence, and healing. Keep Reading


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