Client Impact & Case Studies

Custom solutions provided by Circles have proven to be an invaluable tool for our clients.

What is the client impact of partnering with Circles?

  • At a large biotechnology organization, attrition was reduced from 14% to 5% in one year
  • In a telecommunications organization, a typically disengaged department of employees saw a 29% engagement rate in the 1st year of the program
  • In order to compete with a large employer in the area, a client added Circles Concierge to their benefit package, providing a differentiator while recruiting
  • One hospital system saw an increase of up to 5% in HCAHPS scores in several domains after implementing Circles Concierge to assist patients and visitors
  • Another hospital system has seen HCAHPS scores consistently higher in every question when a patient has interacted with the Concierge program

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