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Our Values

Circles is a key component of Sodexo’s Quality of Life service offerings.

Today’s changing lifestyles are prompting people to seek new ways of improving their quality of life. These new aspirations have opened up a new market of personal and home services, in which Sodexo is now delivering innovative solutions.A multitude of factors contribute to the fast pace of life experienced by individuals. Companies are seeking solutions that make everyday life easier for their employees or customers in order to retain them and ensure their well being. From this point of view, company concierge services are a highly valued benefit.


Clients, consumers, employees, and shareholders all make up the diverse community that is Sodexo. More than 95% of Sodexo’s 428,000 employees have daily contact with clients and consumers. Sodexo employees, who through their commitment and dedication, personify Sodexo’s unique values of Service Spirit, Team Spirit, and Spirit of Progress, are the organization’s greatest asset. Service Spirit: Clients and customers are at the center of everything done in business, and it is the duty and responsibility of all Sodexo employees to be available, responsive, and anticipatory of all client demands and expectations. Team Spirit: Each team member is an integral player in maintaining the relationships and providing the best service to the client. Sodexo focuses on building teams from the top down that are dependent on listening, transparency, respect for others, diversity, solidarity in implementing significant decisions, respect for rules, and mutual support. Spirit of Progress: Keeping a balance between humility and ambition, all Sodexo employees understand one’s successes, as well as one’s failures, is fundamental to continuous improvement. All employees strive to make improvements on current situations while maintaining an optimistic outlook on progress. Entrepreneurial Spirit: In a dynamic and changing environment, we demonstrate our agility. We are active innovators and problem solvers, continually seeking new ideas and solutions to improve the health of our programs and grow the business.


Sodexo’s improved quality of life positioning within the services industry is original and is a key brand differentiator.  The broad range of service offerings across Sodexo business units allows for a comprehensive approach to improved quality of care. Circles Concierge is part of the Personal & Home Services division of Sodexo. This segment of offerings also includes childcare and home services for dependent people. Sodexo’s division of On-Site Services focuses on employees’ well-being, optimizing work processes, and ensuring the proper function and safety of sites for companies, hospitals, university campuses, correctional facilities, and large worksites. The Benefits & Rewards Services segment provides access to a wide range of services that improve the quality of life of beneficiaries: employees, students, citizens… This Sodexo solution boosts employee motivation and contributes to improving client’s performance.


Sodexo recognizes quality of life as a significant factor in the well-being of individuals, the progress of society, and the performance of companies and organizations. For this reason, Sodexo’s main focus has been on the evolving needs of our clients resulting from major economic, environmental, and societal changes. These needs are impacted by three major performance factors:
  • people, to increase satisfaction and motivation in the workplace;
  • processes, to promote efficiency and improve overall performance;
  • infrastructure and equipment, to maximize use, profitability, and reliability and help make living and working environments more attractive.
Sodexo’s experiences with our over 50 million customers each day gave purpose and direction to the development of Quality of Life services that reinforce the well-being of individuals, improving their effectiveness and helping companies and organizations to improve performance every day.
Circles is committed to driving excellence through the guidance set forth by Sodexo.