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Quilter FA enters partnership with workplace support firm

Quilter Financial Advisers has entered a partnership with workplace wellbeing company Circles, which is part of the Sodexo group. [continue reading…]

How can a concierge service improve your employees’ productivity?

We know that lockdown was a challenging time for many people in lots of different ways. But how can employers support their workforce with life admin and other routine tasks so that employees can make the most of their downtime and, in turn, be more productive during working hours? [continue reading…]

Driving experience and efficiency for private healthcare providers

We understand maintaining an efficient operation as you work through the surge of Covid-19 is key, whilst continuing to improve the experience for patients at each of your hospitals. [continue reading…]

Making a difference in employees’ lives, wherever they are

The need to create a supportive, inclusive environment in the workplace is not new. The best employers have always looked for ways to energise, motivate and encourage the people they rely on for success. [continue reading…]

Transforming Workplaces with Vital Spaces

The way people work — and how they experience work — is changing rapidly, and the spaces in which they work must also evolve. [continue reading…]

Vital Voices

Employee Engagement, Wellness and Concierge Services with Ronni Schorr.

[continue reading…]

Unity Launch

Sodexo och Sodexo Circles Concierge, är samarbetspartners till UNITY vars nya, unika livsstilskoncept har samlat allt man kan önska sig under ett och samma tak. Det nydanande konceptet kommer att underlätta livspusslet avsevärt för de människor som väljer att bo och verka i UNITY´s moderna boendelösningar, oavsett om de gör det under kortare eller längre tidsperioder, i arbetet eller privat. [continue reading…]

How Our Services Can Assist

Adjusting to working from home is a constant struggle as situations evolve. Luckily, we are here to assist you with all your needs as you navigate through these changing times. Check out the list below to see the various ways we can make working from home easier for you and your family. [continue reading…]
A better working life balance for Lundbergs with Circles

A better working life balance for Lundbergs with Circles

Circle’s concierge services and Fastighets AB L E Lundberg will start a pilot project in Linköping in May. Through a digital portal and a personal service through Circle’s service center, employees at Lundberg’s in Linköping are given access to time-saving services to create a better working life balance and a world-class customer experience.

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Free Up Your Daily Life with Cleo by Circles

Circles has announced CLEO, an innovative solution to free up our consumer’s daily lives! This innovative and exclusive offer consists of a connected and secured lockers which enable the consumer to drop and collect dry cleaning, shoe repairs and tailoring anytime. [continue reading…]