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How concierge can help Work life balance

Simple Steps to Achieve Work-Life Balance for Employees

Many, if not most, modern employers are making attempts to provide a healthy work environment that promotes balance and well-being. These efforts need to be—and are—complimented by a changing societal attitude toward the elements of a well-balanced life.

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How Employers Can Improve the Employee Experience

A customer’s experience with an organization can only be as good as the employees who serve them. In recent years, many employers have recognized the importance of employee experience and have started paying more attention to it. A positive employee experience can lead to increased job satisfaction, productivity, and retention, which ultimately benefits customers and the organization as a whole. [continue reading…]
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Mental Health Issues Affecting Productivity in the Workplace

The steady increase of mental health issues worldwide has been well-documented, and its effects on the workforce are dramatic. Nearly one-fifth of U.S. workers report mental health that is only fair, or poor, and the negative impact on productivity is measurable. However, providing mental health support services and ensuring employee awareness of them is an important step towards improving the lives of these workers and reaping the productivity benefits in the process. Research has shown that more than half of workers either have no mental health support services, or do not know if they do or not. [continue reading…]
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The Cascading Effects of Burnout in Legal Firms

Recent news has highlighted the issue of occupational stress, also known as burnout, in the legal industry from the perspective of either person experiencing it, or someone trying to prevent it. Often mentioned as well is the cost to the firm in terms of lost productivity or the expense of recruitment and training of replacements. What is often overlooked is the full organizational impact of increasing burnout rates.

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What Do Community Managers Do and Why Do You Need One?

Strong communities are critical because they’re an important source of social connection. Participating in a vibrant workplace community helps create a shared sense of purpose and mutual trust. The absence of social connections can have profound effects on our overall well-being. A recent study on the impact of remote working on loneliness showed that it can lead to poor psychological, physical, and productivity outcomes.

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How can a concierge service improve your employees’ productivity?

We know that lockdown was a challenging time for many people in lots of different ways. But how can employers support their workforce with life admin and other routine tasks so that employees can make the most of their downtime and, in turn, be more productive during working hours? [continue reading…]