With most organisations having to close doors and dispersing their workforce; we recognise that re-occupying the workplace is a monumental task. We work with your estate and HR to provide an outreach service to your employees, walking them through updates, changes to layout and practices, reducing anxiety over returning to work.

The reach out service reduces employee anxiety that has been built up, informs the employee of the steps the organisation has taken to ensure their safety and crucially takes calls away from RE and HR, freeing up their time to focus on the employee journey on location.

54% of people are concerned about the safety of returning to work.

– Ipsos

How It Works


  • Work with client to collect list of FAQ’s about workplace re-entry
  • Teams are trained across a broad variety of topics, some specific to client workplace re-entry and other general health, safety and mental wellness. Topics covered include:
    • Workplace entry/reception experience
    • Workplace amenity questions (café, gym, car park, etc.)
    • Visitor & guest access and policies
    • Conference room and shared space protocols
    • PPE guidelines & requirements
    • Emergency processes/business continuity
  • Consultations can be pre-scheduled in advance or done ad-hoc once an employee has been notified they are returning to the workplace
  • Typically calls last between 5 – 10 minutes


  • Review re-entry plans, set proper expectations, reaffirm health & safety focus, ability to answer specific questions employees may have
  • Escalation points for HR and RE teams at the client level
  • Data capture from connections, voicemails, feedback, questions and escalations


  • Working closely with HR and RE teams on a recurring basis to exchange data and adjust FAQ’s and scripts as needed
  • Recurring reporting provided on connections, escalations, touch points, etc.
  • Agents trained on client FAQ’s and re-entry plans/best practices