Stress management and mental health are finally being given the attention they deserve. The HSE states that 1 in 4 of working people struggle with their mental health, citing workload and lack of support contributing 58% to stress levels.

For employees, rewards mean more than money. They are looking for bespoke benefits that meet their individual needs. Concierge services build on the human experience, by providing personal services to the employee. Enhanced services, such as workplace concierge and personal travel services spark greater engagement, remove distractions and reduce life admin. These are ‘high value items’ that show commitment to the employee experience.

  • Reclaim lunchbreaks as a time to rest, relax and recharge, instead of rushing around completing errands or catching up on projects.
  • Increase productivity – It’s scientifically proven that people gain focus and energy after stepping away from their desks. Feeling able to take a lunch break can help to prevent the dreaded mid-afternoon slump and keep productivity high all day.
  • Improved mental wellbeing – Everyone needs time to recharge. With life admin taken care of by a concierge, employees can focus on the task at hand – and get it done without distraction, leaving more time for a stress-busting midday break.
  • Boost creativity – Sometimes your best ideas come to you in the shower, because your mind is allowed to wander and explore without distraction. Taking a break gives employees the same creative boost – no one can develop new ideas or solutions when they’re chained to a desk all day every day.
  • Form healthy habits – Knowing you have one hour a day dedicated to yourself and the pursuit of what makes you happy is liberating and stress-busting. From a leisurely lunch to exercise classes or even a hair cut, having a concierge enables this trade off of stress for stress-relieving
  • Stay healthy for longer – When people work long hours without support or regular breaks, it can impact their health, leading to time off or lowered productivity. By providing a way to outsource distracting tasks, everyone can take back time to enjoy.