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We have seen that all types of companies need a pleasant working environment. A working environment that will give you the chance of work-life balance. With experience from the Swedish and international market, we have created a concept to make sure your employees thrive.

We basically make sure that there is enough time to work, to connect and mostly to live. We make sure that life is more than to handle the day-to-day tasks.

We offer you services to give you more time, and less stress, for the things that matter the most for you.

Real Estate


Improve the workplace experience through our industry-leading hospitality program. Circles can deliver a workplace amenity service that becomes the focal point of your organizational culture. Customized to meet your unique business and organizational needs, our programs transform the workplace into a community.

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Circles programs are comprised of world-class concierge teams, a digital platform, and a vast partner network to provide unique and memorable experiences for law firms, biopharmaceutical companies, financial services organizations, and other corporate consumers.

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We are always looking for the best talent.
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World class service


Our main resource is our staff; our concierges. No matter who you talk to at Circles, we will provide you with a professional and polite treatment. Therefore, all our staff is going through a thorough recruitment process and a service education, which is built upon on a regular basis.

In addition to constantly developing our staff, we are always searching for new partners and services to facilitate the everyday life of our customers. We are used to think innovative and always challenge ourselves to find the best solutions. To us – that is a world class service.