Senior Living

Give your senior residents the lifestyle benefit that promotes wellness, independence and dignity with Circles Concierge. You’ll set your retirement community apart in the marketplace and create a dynamic and supportive senior living environment.

Senior Living v2

A BETTER LIFESTYLE: Circles Concierge gives each of your residents the personalized care they deserve with services ranging from traditional concierge tasks like grocery shopping, arranging transportation and booking hair appointments to innovative options such as assisting residents with party planning for special occasions.With personal assistant services from Circles, your residents get the helping hand they need to maintain their independence and remain in control of their lifestyle.

A MORE ATTRACTIVE COMMUNITY: Offering Circles Concierge as a lifestyle benefit of your senior living community attracts potential residents and makes your current residents happier, so they’re more likely to give powerful word-of-mouth testimonies to friends and relatives seeking retirement living. Personal assistant services from Circles are a compelling market differentiator for seniors as they deliver lifestyle autonomy hand-in-hand with convenient amenities.

A MORE VIBRANT COMMUNITY: Encourage a participatory, active community with wellness services from Circles Concierge. Our concierge experts can arrange health and wellness programs tailored to your community’s ages, interests and location, plus plan events and outings in the local area. You can offer adventure, wellness and fun with the help of Circles.

EASIER FACILITIES MANAGEMENT: From grounds keeping to security, Circles Concierge ensures that your facilities management is efficient and effective. Concierge professionals can manage all your facilities operations using decades of experience to help them find the right vendors and complete service requests quickly and expertly.

Learn more about how Circles Concierge can benefit your residents in this case study: Senior Living – Improving Relationship with Residents.