Corporate Concierge

As companies are faced with a growing demand for recruiting top talent, there has been an increased focus in programs that enhance the work atmosphere and benefits package to retain that talent. Employee Concierge programs provided by Circles not only solve these key challenges, they increase productivity, drive engagement and can also enhance your guest/client/visitor experience.

RECRUITMENT: In addition to having Circles as a differentiator in your recruitment toolkit, Circles can support interviewee transportation and local needs, as well as provide relocation services for new hires. Lastly, Circles can be and HR benefit resource for all employees.

RETENTION & LOYALTY: Circles provides services to assist in managing personal tasks while at work or at home. We are a one-stop resource for employee personal tasks such as: sourcing reputable contractors, gift suggestions and purchases, product research, errand running and much more!

PRODUCTIVITY: Employees can rely on Circles for conference room booking, planning team outings, booking corporate travel and assisting with administrative tasks. Circles can also provide building management support services such as fielding and routing maintenance requests, facilitating security check-in and ordering office supplies.

BRAND INTEGRITY: An On-Site Concierge provides employees with a visual reminder of the HR benefits and provides a VIP service to visitors. Your business is armed with additional support for welcoming guests into your facility and provides a white glove service which will further enhance your brand as a committed and trusted organization.

Watch this video for a look at how our Corporate Concierge program works.

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