Increase employee engagement

The Problem

A large telecommunications company sought to provide a universally relevant benefit to a diverse employee population – from executives to field workers. They wanted a benefit that would be equally valuable and accessible to all employees regardless of title, location or personal interests, and that would increase employee engagement.

Circles’ Solution

The company launched Circles Concierge as a key work-life benefit to all employees across all locations. To drive maximum awareness of this new employee benefit, Circles collaborated with the human resources team to develop a comprehensive marketing communication plan. The launch materials provided contextual usage examples and highlighted the “everyday nature” of Concierge. Special focus was given to promoting the service to the field team members. Circles Account Managers participated in on-site meetings with this team to introduce the service and answer employee questions.

The Results

The program was immediately successful and quickly became a popular benefit. Overall employee engagement was strong and ten months after launch, total engagement remained an impressive 20%. Even more impressive was the field team’s engagement rate. Circles conscientious marketing and targeted promotion to this unique group drove an unprecedented 29% engagement.