Sodexo Values

Clients, consumers, employees and shareholders all make up the diverse community that is Sodexo. More than 95% of Sodexo’s 428,000 employees have daily contact with clients and consumers. Sodexo employees, who through their commitment and dedication, personify Sodexo’s unique values of Service Spirit, Team Spirit and Spirit of Progress, are the organizations greatest asset.

  • Service Spirit: Clients and customers are at the center of everything done in business and it is the duty and responsibility of all Sodexo employees to be available, responsive and anticipatory of all client demands and expectations.
  • Team Spirit: Each team member is an integral player in maintaining the relationships and providing the best service to the client. Sodexo focuses on building teams from the top down that are dependent on listening, transparency, respect for others, diversity, solidarity in implementing major decisions, respect for rules and mutual support.
  • Spirit of Progress: Keeping a balance between humility and ambition, all Sodexo employees understand one’s successes as well as one’s failures is fundamental to continuous improvement. All employees strive to make improvements on current situations while maintaining an optimistic outlook on progress.
Circles is committed to driving excellence through the guidance set forth by Sodexo